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Rodrigo built me us amazing website that matches up to the best in the world!! The design is very clean and well done. I'm very demanding and he responds every time with raising the standard. The implementation was awesome too, the elements in the webpages moved, the mobile view was well done - all of this without having to say a thing. I can't recommend him enough!!


Rodrigo de Aquino Angelim (RODAQ) is the Best Paid Independent Designer according to the global freelancing platform Upwork , and the products developed by his team have reached millions of users around the world.

Rodrigo specializes in Digital Product Design and User Experience (UX) and has worked for agencies and startups in the US, Canada, England, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Dubai and Australia.

He currently lives in Bali, Indonesia, after declining job proposals for Zendesk, Prezi, Booking.com, WhatsApp, Burberry and Facebook for the freedom of working remotely as a Digital Nomad.

With Rodrigo, I asked for A and I got A++++++++. Great listener, excellent communicator, went far and beyond his call to duty.


We are experts in making your digital presence a success.

Websites that will
wow your consumers

We love going beyond creativity, design and development to impress your audience.

Landing Pages
that inspire

We highlight the best of your products and services, turning users into buyers.

Interfaces that make
a lot of sense (UI/UX)

We work ahead of time, creating solutions that will leave your competition in the dust.

Rodrigo is an ace. Exceptional quality of work, attitude, adherence to schedule.


Our projects have been featured on international blogs, magazines and events and have been funded with over $1 million dollars through collective funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Rodri has been amazing to work with both from a communication standpoint as well as design. His designs rock and the ui that he developed for the mobile app of our enterprise SaaS is awesome. He's now in the process of redoing our website and has gone above and beyond to ensure that our public facing image achieves the maximum desired impact. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and have already to a number of people.


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